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inTrek Coaching and Consulting
Aspire ▪ Strategize ▪ Succeed

inTrek is a Michigan- and Chicago-based coaching and consulting firm that focuses on aspirations, strategies, and success. Our experts offer a wealth of knowledge in management & leadership techniques, sales strategies, personal growth, and executive coaching. We tailor solutions to meet your specific needs, giving you the tools and confidence to move from where you are toward where you aspire to be.

Our Services:

 Our Experts:

  • Ann O’Connor brings more than two decades of sales, managerial, and organizational experience to her coaching and training career. Ann has recruited, trained, coached, and managed hundreds over the course of her career. Learn more about Ann.

  • John’ O’Connor has earned over thirty years of executive sales (domestic and international), managerial, and organizational experience. Focusing on bottom-line deliverables, John has managed, coached, and trained hundreds of domestic and international sales professionals. Learn more about John.

Let our proven strategies help you identify your aspirations, create measurable goals, and soar toward your peak performance capabilities.

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