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Ann O'Connor

Meet Ann O’Connor

Ann O'Connor brings more than two decades of sales, managerial, and organizational experience to her coaching and training career. One of the few sales executives in the dental field to have come up through the ranks, Ann has recruited, trained, coached, and managed hundreds over the course of her career.  Having worked at many levels, she relates well to front line staff, managers, and executives at every career stage.

She is known by colleagues and clients alike as leader, pioneer, and risk taker. Ann is intuitive, non-judgmental, and highly skilled in her ability to listen for what is just beneath the surface.  She is then able to ask provocative questions that make clients think in new ways about options, opportunities, and solutions for the challenges they face.

Ann has been described as driven, motivated, curious, action-oriented, well-read, and a problem-solver. She believes that ideas without follow-through serve little purpose, and she is dedicated to helping her clients “cut to the chase” to achieve whatever it is that they want.

Ann received her professional coaching certification from The Hudson Institute of Santa Barbara. She is a founding member of the Professional Coaches Association of Michigan, a member of the American Society for Training and Development, and the International Coach Federation.  She is also a Certified Toastmaster. Ann holds a Bachelors degree in Health Arts from the University of St. Francis in Joliet, Illinois, where she also completed her Masters of Science degree in Training and Development with a concentration in client-centered consulting.

An expert in balancing career, family life, and making time for herself, Ann is also an avid cyclist. She routinely participates in 100-mile rides for various charities. She has completed one full marathon for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, numerous shorter rides, and has participated in three Avon 3-Day Breast Cancer walks. She and her husband John reside in southwest Michigan




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