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Coaching and Consulting
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Leadership Coaching 

inTrek is a coaching and consulting firm that understands and respects the value of a good leader. Founder Ann O’Connor brings 22 years of leadership experience to individuals who wish to thrive in their journey to exceed expectations.  

Her ambition led her from dental clinician to sales professional, and up through the ranks to become a leader in sales management.   Her unique value is in combining her in-depth knowledge of the leadership process with her passion for learning and her intuitive ability to identify the underlying dynamics and barriers to create notable career performances.

Is this you?


I manage a team of sales people. I want to improve my managerial and leadership skills so that I can inspire my team to achieve our business objectives.


Time management is so critical.  I want to work smarter.


I don’t enjoy my work anymore. I alternate between being stressed out and disengaged. Do I need a new industry? A new company? Or do I stay and try to make this job work for me?

The inTrek approach

Leadership and sales coaching is first and foremost about setting and achieving goals. To reach and exceed your goals on a consistent basis requires self-awareness, superior communication skills, and the ability to recognize your own strengths and weaknesses – and how they may be impacting your performance.

Using a practical, action-oriented coaching approach which is geared toward productive, effective, and lasting results, Ann works with achievement-oriented individuals at all levels – front line, managerial, and executive – who: 


Wish to further excel in their careers


Want to embrace and understand their strengths and weaknesses and how they impact their performance.


Are motivated to refine their goal setting and focus


Recognize that an awareness of self is a key factor in successful sales and leadership


Coaching Specialties


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