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inTrek Coaching and Consulting
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Sales Consulting

inTrek is a coaching practice that collaborates with sales professionals, managers, and executives responsible for bottom line results. Sales expert John OíConnor brings over thirty years of sales experience (both domestic and international) to clients looking to increase their numbers, understand their markets, and increase their bottom line. 

Is this you?

  • I manage a team of sales people. I want to improve my managerial skills and strategies so that I can inspire my team to succeed.

  • I thrive on being a sales professional, and I'm ready to take my career to the next level. My market is changing quickly, and I want to develop cutting-edge sales skills to stay abreast of industry trends so that I can advance in my career.

  • Iím all about the bottom line.  I want to enjoy my work; however, it's also crucial to hit my sales targets. I'm seeking new ways to stay motivated and achieve peak performance over the long term. 

The inTrek approach 

inTrek offers solutions to your sales issues and can help you excel at critical sales details such as: creating and managing a motivated sales force; integrating sales and marketing approaches; understanding your market and increasing your market share; using incentive approaches; and creating specific, productive sales channels.  

Using a measurable, goal-driven, industry-specific approach, inTrek works with sales professionals who:

  • Wish to further excel in their careers

  • Are motivated to refine their goal-setting and focus

  • In their zeal to produce, are no longer tuned in to the turbulence of their market environment.

  • Are hungry to increase their bottom line


Coaching Specialties


Change starts when someone sees the next step.

~ William Drayton



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