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An experienced and dynamic presenter, Ann offers two workshops for individuals and teams, both based on the Cycle of Renewal developed by Frederic Hudson, Ph.D. The Cycle of Renewal is a unique model which demonstrates that growth is far from linear, that we are continuously cycling through different phases in our lives, and that to be successful professionally and personally, individually and as teams it  is imperative that we embrace change and learn to make it work to our advantage.  


Planning for Change: Managing Life Transitions


Renewing Teams: Putting the "Team" Back in Teamwork

Who should participate?

Both Planning for Change and Renewing Teams are customized to meet the needs of you or your teams. These workshops are valuable for individuals, intact work teams, and for teams made up of individuals who gather from different departments within an organization. The content is suitable for all levels within a company front line staff, managers, mid- and top-level executives. Ideal for the agenda of a multi-day sales conference, annual meeting, or membership organization convention, both programs are offered nationwide.





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